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[dsdp-pmc] DSDP workshop Japan report


This is the report of DSDP workshop in Japan.

Date: Aug 2
Place: Fujitsu HQ, Tokyo
Entry: 54 from 34 companies
Atendee: 45 from 28 companies

13:00  About Eclipse Foundation, Japan WG, eclipsecon 2005 (by Mr. Takaki NTT comware)
13:20  About DSDP Workshop
13:40  Eclipse Development Process and Governance
14:00  break
14:15  DSDP project
14:35  DD project
14:55  TM project
15:15  NAB project
15:35  break
15:50  MTJ project
16:00  eRCP project
16:10  TmL project
16:20  How to paticipate to the Foundation and Workshop
16:40  QA 

 Many attendees are feels difficulty for explanation for necessity and
 business merit of participating to Eclipse. I think it's a general
 problem of Japan. We need follow-up continuously.

 Some Eclipse debugger tool vendor feels lacking for multi-byte
 character support on CDT. They have a patch for CDT but they have no
 way to feedback(their feeling). Perhaps this workshop's first output is
 requirement for multi-byte charset. If possible, please discuss in DD,
 TM, CDT projects.

- We starting up the DSDP Workshop ML.
- We support to participating to the Foundation.
- Next face to face meeting is planned on Oct or Nov.


Shigeki Moride

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