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[dsdp-pmc] Please approve Javier Montalvo Orus as new committer on DSDP-TM


Javier Montalvo OrĂºs of Symbian Software, Limited has been 
nominated as new committer on the Target Management Project.
All current TM committers have approved his promotion:

+1 Martin Oberhuber
+1 Michael Scharf
+1 David McKnight
+1 Kushal Munir
+1 Dave Dykstal
+1 Uwe Stieber

Javier contributed patches to RSE very early already (bugs 138619,
140323, 140348, 140404, 140408, 140562, 140344) and is currently
leading the Autodetect efforts. His latest contributions on 
Autodetect and Discovery
show technical excellence, diligence and - most important - the
willingness to cooperate with the community on continuous improvement.

As per the DSDP Charter (see link below), I'm recommending Javier
as new committer to the PMC. Please vote - I'm starting the ballot 

+1 from Martin Oberhuber.

References: The DSDP Charter at references the Eclipse
Standard Charter for voting:

Martin Oberhuber
Eclipse Target Management Project Lead

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