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[dsdp-mtj-dev] Change in MTJ committers

Hello MTJ,

as many of you know Gustavo, Diego, David, and in the past Hugo, are employed as contractors to Motorola in Brazil and the MTJ project benefited from their full-time assignment as "Motorola sponsored" committers to this project.

I would like to take this opportunity and formally recognize and thank them for all the great work they have delivered:
They helped to re-energize the MTJ project, refactor and merge the code-base with the EclipseME code (thanks Craig!!), and they have been instrumental in creating the MTJ 1.0 release and the Pulsar package release this year.

Without their help, none of that could have happened, and I have been incredibly lucky and proud to have worked with them during this phase.

Unfortunately this team has now been assigned to a different project, and it will no longer be their full-time job to work as MTJ committers.

As you fellow Eclipse contributors know, being an Eclipse committer is not only a "day time" job, it is a personal commitment, a badge of honor and a pleasure to be part of this elite group of skilled open source developers.
Fortunately, all of them have expressed interest to stay involved in MTJ as "individual committers", and are working with the Eclipse foundation on the transitioning of their paper work.

But - What this means for the project:

- Their Motorola email addresses will change: I asked each individually to communicate their new contact information to the mailing list (guys: PLEASE be aware of spammers, and "obscure" your email address when you post them on this public forum!)

- They are now doing this on their "own time". (And I'm no longer their boss... ;) ): So, please be aware that the turn-around times on bugfixes may be taking a bit longer.

Finally, I want to remind everyone, NOW would be a great time for new committers to step up and join the project.


Just to clarify - I am planning to stay engaged as Project Lead for MTJ, and I am sure we will remain on the release train, but - we just lost a large part of our "full-time" developers, and we will have to take this into account for our 2010 plans.

Thanks again to Gustavo, Diego, David and Hugo for their past contributions, and I am honored to know that you plan to stay on the project on your own time in the future, even without this being your "official job".

Christian Kurzke

MTJ Project Lead