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Re: [dsdp-mtj-dev] MTJ SR1 work

What are we thinking in terms of additional features/functions for this point release? I know that that isn't all that standard for most Eclipse projects, but given that we are still trying to get all of the basics in place it seems we might want to consider it. I'm thinking, in particular, that I might like to try to find the time to go back and finish out the SDK provider extension point work I started.

If we are starting point release work, do we have appropriate source control branches in place?


On 6/11/09 1:07 PM, Eric Hildum wrote:
Everyone, we have had a very successful development and release of MTJ
1.0. Thank you all for your hard work and contributions.

Even though Galileo has not been officially released yet, I think it
is time we start looking at the work for SR1. Looking at the current
bug list for MTJ, I see 42 open bugs at this time. Some of these we
definitely need to resolve for SR1, others it is not clear to me that
they are still valid or at the right severity/priority. Could we all
take a look at the open bugs and:

1. See if they are still valid. If not, would the reporters please close them
2. Check to see if they have the correct severity/priority.
3. Make sure that we have correctly identified and recorded in
Bugzilla the correct blocking/depends on relationships
4. Update the reports with any additional information that may have come in.

Also, I noticed that at least one bug has a valid patch but seems to
be moving into new problems. Could we close the initial problem report
as that has been fixed, and open a separate bug report so we can keep
the bugs on a single topic?