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[dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP project move complete

Our webmasters have completed the move of our infrastructure from DSDP
project to RT project. If you have not followed it the gory details
are in bugzilla.

The old CVS location will be available as read-only for 6 months.
Please update your CVS settings to use the new location. The only
change is the repository path, it should point to "/cvsroot/rt"  now.

You will notice that the CVS has been restructured as well. The new
locations of your old projects are listed in

And the most important newsgroup and the mailing list. There are new
ones. Please start using the ercp-dev@eclipse
( as our new
developer mailing list, as the old dsdp-ercp-dev will become obsolete.
And please start monitoring the new eclipse.ercp newsgroup.


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