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Re: [dsdp-ercp-dev] Running eSWT browser starves all other threads?

This is odd. We have a similar job fetching mechanism on an internal
application as well and that works fine. We have also tried to
replicate the situation from your description but it worked for us.
Can you provide more code to us to help reproduce. Also do you see the
same behavior on different URLs? Symbian threading is a bit unfair and
if the page loaded busy loops for instance it can starve the java

On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 22:46, Gerald McCobb <mccobb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> We used the example for starting the eSWT browser in a Midlet:
> Because the browser URL may be set from an external event, for example, we
> have an event processing queue for processing browser commands.  This queue
> runs in its own thread.  From the event queue a Browser Midlet handleEvent
> method is called, which processes the event more or less as follows:
>   display.asyncExec(new Runnable() {
>    public void run() {
>     short type = getEventType(evt) ;
>     switch (type) {
>     case START:
>        String url = (String)evt.getData();
>        browser.setUrl(url);
>     break;
>      }
>    }});
> After the event queue runs and the browser.setUrl is called the web page
> appears and works as expected.  However, all other threads started for the
> event queue and logging are either cancelled or starved.  No more thread
> processing takes place.  What are we doing wrong, or is this the expected
> behavior?
> The above code works fine on Windows Mobile.  Thanks.
> Regards,
> Jerry McCobb
> Openstream
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