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[dsdp-ercp-dev] running eSWT + eJFace as "midlet" standalone mode (without eWorkbench)

Hello All,

   It is possible to run eSWT + eJFace as a standalone (midlet) program?

This is relevant becouse In this way, there are more choises to workaround any eRCP full stack problem,
and at the same time, keep going with the "eclipse way and API" (eJFace, eSWT...)

For example: currently I'm developing for S80 platform, yes, yes "too old" and I get a breakdown of the entire eWorkbench frequently.
and it is becouse probably due to J9...

whatever !  I do not have money to buy a new communicator E90, so I want to solve the problems that I have, doing any steps backward as necessary,
but keeping the "eclipse way" that includes APIs like eSWT, eJFace, and releated technologies and I'm confident it will be in any way
a good investment becouse, I also develop in the full eclipse platform (desktop RCP).

 This is my case, but actually, it may be the case of many people (that probably prefer abandon the way eventually, waiting for more mature times -what not is good to foster a small community-)  So it requires have a clear path to make workarounds, and at least, to keep
going with the API and doing that, still being doing a good investiment of time, learnning and developing skills releated to eclipse API.


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