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Re: [dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP with CLDC

The problem here is that the Eclipse version of the OSGi framework and some other core Eclipse components are dependent on CDC and therefore will not run on CLDC/MIDP. This has nothing to do with Windows. A CDC VM can be put on any device that has adequate resources. These days, many phones are capable of running a CDC VM. However, most devices still only ship with MIDP because that is the current standard. This is beginning to change though, now that people are seeing the benefits of an OSGi framework on devices.

The basic problem with running the OSGi framework on CLDC is that OSGi has a separate class loader for each plugin. That is a basic part of its architecture so that plugins do not have to worry about clashing with each other. CLDC only has a single class loader. It may be possible to work-around this issue, and I believe ProSyst has done some work in this area, but the eRCP project does not intend to pursue that path.


Daniel Tellez <danieltellez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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07/24/2008 02:57 AM

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[dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP with CLDC

Hi all,

Having in mind that Windows, in any of its flavors, is not the mainly
used platform in the mobile devices, have you any roadmap to do eRCP
Core Runtime CLDC compliance ?


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