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Re: [dsdp-ercp-dev] Tentative Board Approval for Standardizing eRCP APIs at OSGi

Hi Mike,

I asked for a "letter of intent" from OSGi regarding the Eclipse board's areas of concern. I have not heard back on the progress of this request. I will follow up and continue to drive getting this process completed.

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07/21/2008 04:23 PM

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[dsdp-ercp-dev] Tentative Board Approval for Standardizing eRCP        APIs at OSGi

I wanted to let everyone formally know that the Board of Directors passed the following resolution at its June meeting:
RESOLVED, the Board unanimously approved that the eRCP Project may standardize it’s APIs using OSGI mobile expert group, subject to the resolution of the governance of the interaction such that the future evolution of Eclipse Technology is not impeded and the Eclipse Foundation is ensured continuous access to all relevant TCKs at no cost.  
 I am happy to hear other viewpoints, but I am thinking that the next step would be a three-way conversation between the Eclipse Foundation, OSGi and the project leadership to get these final conditions finalized. Who wants to lead the effort of organizing this conversation/process?
Mike Milinkovich
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