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Re: [dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP in Linux?

eRCP is all Java code and should run on any CDC JCM, except for eSWT which has native code. We have two eSWT projects that could support running eRCP on Linux, eSWT for GTK and eSWT for QTe, which have complete implementations of eSWT Core API. Unfortunately, the people who said they were going to work on these projects never made too much progress, so we do not have any binary builds of this code. We would welcome your assistance on reviving either of them.

Enrique Perez <enriqueperez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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06/27/2008 01:36 AM

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[dsdp-ercp-dev] eRCP in Linux?

Hi all,

Is it possible to test eRCP in Linux or it only works in Windows?

I think that a possible solution is installing Virtual Box. Is there
another option?

Best regards.

Enrique Pérez Olivares.
Dpto I+D.
Yerbabuena Software.
Tlf/Fax: 902 995 246

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