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Re: [dsdp-ercp-dev] failure

Sounds good to me.

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05/21/2008 06:20 AM

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[dsdp-ercp-dev] failure


The eRCP version of Test_org_eclipse_swt_graphics_Font.test_ConstructorLorg_eclipse_swt_graphics_Device$Lorg_eclipse_swt_graphics_FontData fails on our S60 implementation due to incorrect testing:

test_ConstructorLorg_eclipse_swt_graphics_Device$Lorg_eclipse_swt_graphics_FontData() {

// test that FontData is set correctly  
FontData data = "" FontData();
Font font = new Font(display,data);
FontData[] returnedData = font.getFontData();

FontData.FontData(), in our implementation, sets the font name to "" (empty string). That is how other implementations behave also.

returnedData[0] will of course have a font name different than "" (empty string).

The Bug 217849: describes the same problem for SWT.
The SWT version of the Font JUnit test has been fixed but the eRCP version has been left unfixed.

The fix for SWT version consists of removal of this test step. See revision Revision 1.16:

I am planning to apply the same fix for the eRCP version of the Font JUnit test.

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