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Re: [dsdp-ercp-dev] We are missing a CVS tag... again

Yes, that's a problem we need to work on.

I'll enhance this for our 1.2 build.

Sincerely yours

Uriel Liu, PMP(R)

Eclipse eRCP/Lotus Expeditor Dev., CSDL
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[dsdp-ercp-dev] We are missing a CVS tag... again

Hi guys,

It seems we are missing a CVS tag for 1.1.1.

The main Eclipse releases doesn't have problems with this. They have
quite a build structure there and I was able to tell exactly what
sources are in Eclipse 3.3.2 although the CVS didn't contain the tag.
The eRCP project however, doesn't use this mechanism and it is a little
hard to tell what sources are inside in the release (we are not even
including the sources).

How are the builds done if there isn't tag to be used for this? I
thought the sources are first tagged and then the build is executed with
given tag.

Danail Nachev
Senior Software Engineer/Development Tools
ProSyst Labs EOOD
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