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RE: [dsdp-dev] Study on communication and collaboration in softwaredevelopment teams

Hi Martin,

you point to a key topic in distributed software engineering, which actually is too often mistreated and not well implemented.

Working in several locations as we do in distributed development, costs extra effort. We found in many studies that with 2 locations you should budget some 20-30% overhead and for 3-4 locations some 30-40% overhead. This overhead is due to additional interfaces, management, team effort, collaboration support, quality control, reviews, and so on. You might not believe it, but a remote location starts with a distance of one floor or 15 meters according to various research at Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, etc. Tools are not really a solution as long as people don't know each other. So do not conclude prematuely that with a collaboration tool, things will immediately be better. We have been working with a globally active client where engineers use DOORS and Excel spreadsheets as "backup" because it was never properly introduced HOW to collaborate.

Many empirical studies on communication and collaboration in softwaredevelopment teams had been presented the last three years at the IEEE Int. Conf. on Global Software Engineerting (ICGSE). Details at: www.icgse.org (or see www.IEEE.org for proceedings)

More team communiocation and offshoring experiences are summarized in: Global Software Engineering. IEEE Computer Society Books, Los Alamitos, USA, 2006. http://www.computer.org/portal/pages/ieeecs/ReadyNotes/ebert_abstract.html 

More on empirical studies, concrete measurements and such benchmarks as you are looking for is in: Software Measurement. Springer, 2007. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/3540716483

best regards
-Christof EBERT

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Subject: [dsdp-dev] Study on communication and collaboration in softwaredevelopment teams

Dear Device Software Development Platform developer,

within the scope of my diploma thesis at the University of Paderborn, Germany, with the title "Study about communication and collaboration in software development in teams" I am conducting a survey of members of software development teams.

I would be very grateful if you help me in my studies and answer the survey at http://thales.cs.upb.de/limesurvey185/index.php?lang=en&sid=91192&token=cfsmv448mnd7f44

This is the official description of the survey:

In the last years many means of communication and collaboration were introduced in software projects to assist the development teams with their daily work.

With this study we want to identify requirements for a communication- and collaboration-supporting platform for software development. For this purpose we will evaluate the utilization and effectiveness of different means of communication and collaboration in solving software and managerial problems in software development teams.

The survey will take about 10-15 minutes and contains 55 questions that cover various topics.

Many thanks for your support of my research. If there are any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
Best regards from Paderborn, Germany

Martin Gelhaus (gelhaus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Click here to do the survey:

Martin Gelhaus

Graduand at Didactics of Informatics chair at University of Paderborn Fürstenallee 11 Room F2.416
D-33102 Paderborn			

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