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[dsdp-dd-dev] Re: [cdt-dev] DSF: Breakpoint Integration

Hi Patrick,

I agree with Elena that your best long-term strategy is to contribute enhancements to standard CDT breakpoints so that the community will benefit from these features and help you support them. 

On the other hand, if you have very unique breakpoint types and you would like to keep them as an extension to CDT, you should still be able to do that.  Historically, the biggest issue with this strategy was that the CDT Editor and other CDT toggle breakpoint adapter would always create the standard CDT breakpoints, which makes using your own breakpoints a problem.  However, last fall I implemented additional APIs (bug 212316) which should let you create other breakpoints using the standard toggle actions.  I think I still need to make one corresponding change in CDT editor ruler toggle breakpoint action, but I'll try to complete that in this milestone.


Chuong, Patrick wrote:



I work for Texas Instruments. I am in the process of migrating the breakpoint feature of our non GDB debugger from CDT to DSF. I am wondering if the breakpoint feature of our debugger is common with other debuggers. If that is the case I am willing to design and contribute a solution that fits these debuggers as well.


Our debugger is capable of creating different breakpoint types - software line breakpoint, hardware line breakpoint, watchpoint, event breakpoint, counter, DMA transfer, stack overflow, trace, etc…  Each device can support different breakpoint types. Furthermore, until a connection to the device is established, the supported types are unknown.


The backend generates the list of breakpoint properties dynamically base on the breakpoint type and the device type. Even for the same breakpoint type, the list of breakpoint properties can be different base on the device: hardware breakpoint on a MCU has a different list of properties than a DSP hardware breakpoint.  


In our current product, this is how we presented this backend feature.


Due to the dynamic nature of the breakpoint types in our backend, we need a way to list all available breakpoint types for the current debug device. We added the toolbar action to the breakpoints view:


Selecting a menu items will prompt the user to specify initial properties for the new breakpoint. This is an example of the dialog for creating a watchpoint:



The backend can specify if a breakpoint type is applicable to a specific view: c-editor, asm-editor, disassembly view, C/C++ project, outline view. These types will be displayed as a context sub menu in these views:




The layout of the breakpoint properties is controlled by the backend. We decided a property sheet is most suitable to edit the property values:



Is this something that people would be interested for me to contribute?


Thanks in advanced,


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