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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Bugs for 1_1_maintenance

Marc Khouzam wrote:

1.1.1 was meant for GDB7.0 which is scheduled for June 5th.
You are right that it is so close to CDT 6.0 that there is
not much point.

So I agree that we can stick to the 1.1 maintenance.
As for doing an actual release, that would be nice
if it means we'll do some testing to give it more
stability.  If we don't do that, then there is not
much worth in doing an official release; we at
Ericsson, can deal with checking out the plugins.

So, do you guys have time for a bit of testing
for an official 1.1 release, or should we just
stick to the branch?  On my side, I would have
some time after eclipseCon.
No, actually we're stretched pretty thin at the moment trying to complete features we need in CDT 6.0.  I'm sorry about this, though it looks like it won't make much of a difference to you.  In the project meta-data I'll just push out the proposed 1.1.1 release date way in the future in case we decide on it at some point. 



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Hi Marc,
If you prefer we could just wrap up the changes in 1.1 maintenance 
branch and push them out in a release.  As we get closer to 
CDT 6.0 we 
have less and less motivation to generate a DD 1.1.1 release.

Marc Khouzam wrote:
I just found out that we at Ericsson, will take a version of the
R1_1_maintenance for an internal delivery
on Monday the 9th of March.  Therefore, I want to migrate 
any important
DSF/DSF-GDB bug fixes
that were only done in the CDT. 

I already did these: [console][cdi] Add support 
for "verbose"
tracing of MI commands in console [multi-process] Better handling of
automatic attaching of a process [DsfMemoryBlock] Worker 
threads leak in
DsfMemoryBlock.writeMemoryBlock() [launch] IsConnected() wrong 
for Local
debug session for 7_0 services [launch] Launch shows 
terminated even if
a launch process remains running [multi-process] Don't prompt for a
process to attach to right after launch [event] Invalid MI event can cause
NullPointerException [multi-process] Race condition when
creating a breakpoint

The ones I think should be done follow.  All but the first 
are in DSF.
I'll do the work, but I'm looking for an OK,
since it is DSF (not DSF-GDB) and that I didn't work on these bugs. [breakpoint] ClassCastException on
breakpoint action DSF Details Pane does not 
pay attention
to its Max Length value [debug view] After suspend 
event, only
the top stack frame should be retrieved initially. There are caching issues with the
DsfMemoryBlock [vm] AbstractVMProvider may 
install the
same model proxy for multiple views, resulting in the viewer not
working. Unable to see DSF disassembly

Thanks a lot!

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