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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Retrieving platform breakpoints in the BreakpointsMediator

Hello Pawel,

I have opened bug 263001

about this.



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Unfortunately, the BreakpointsMediator is a work in progress.  I created

it based on teh MI breakpoint manager and on our commercial debugger 
implementation, but I only took it far enough to make it work with PDA.

Go ahead and submit your change in a bug and patch, and I'll look at it 
in that context.  But keep in mind that whatever new APIs we create 
we'll have to maintain for a long time, so for example making the 
internal maps an API is probably not a good idea.


Mario Pierro wrote:
> Hello,
> I am working with DSF 1.0RC4 release.
> In our DSF debugger implementation, I am currently using the
> BreakpointsMediator DSF service class to transform platform
> into target-specific ones.
> However, I did not find an API way of translating a target breakpoint
> back to a platform one, given the target breakpoint's
> IBreakpointDMContext. The GDB reference implementation uses an
> version of BreakpointsMediator which makes that possible
> (MIBreakpointsManager), but the process seems to be very GDB-specific.
> Since the breakpoint maps in BreakpointsMediator are private, I have
> added the following method to the BreakpointsMediator class:
> //////////////////////////////////////////////////////
>     public void findPlatformBreakpoint(IBreakpointsTargetDMContext
> target,
>             IBreakpointDMContext bdmc, DataRequestMonitor<IBreakpoint>
> dataRequestMonitor) {
>         Map<IBreakpoint, List<IBreakpoints.IBreakpointDMContext>>
> platformBPs = fBreakpointDMContexts
>                 .get(target);
>         dataRequestMonitor.setData(null);
>         if (platformBPs != null)
>         {
>             for(Entry<IBreakpoint, List<IBreakpointDMContext>> e:
> platformBPs.entrySet())
>             {
>                 // Stop at the first occurrence
>                 if(e.getValue().contains(bdmc))
>                 {
>                     dataRequestMonitor.setData(e.getKey());
>                     break;
>                 }
>             }    
>         }        
>         dataRequestMonitor.done();
>     }
> ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> The method returns the first IBreakpoint associated to the given
> breakpoint context (as I understood, there should be at most one).
> Should such method be part of the BreakpointsMediator service? Or am I
> missing some other API way of tracing target breakpoints to their
> platform counterparts?
> Also, should the breakpoint maps in BreakpointsMediator be made
> protected instead of private so that the breakpoint translation
> can be extended?
> Thanks!
> /Mario
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