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[dsdp-dd-dev] Problem in debugging with DSF.


I have several problems when using DSF.

<--- PROBLEM1 --->

OS: Windows XP Professional, SP2.
Eclipse: 3.4.1
CDT: 5.0.1
DSF: 1.1.0 - latest plugins taken from CVS (, /cvsroot/dsdp)
Debugged application: simple C application with single method( main() ) that contains several printouts.

1. Line breakpoint without actions is set.
2. Application is debugged with DSF.

Problem1: Threads change to 'Suspended' state, but call stack isn't shown.
Problem2: Line with reached breakpoint isn't colored.
Problem3: The following mesages are displayed in console:
mi_cmd_stack_info_depth: Usage: [MAX_DEPTH]
mi_cmd_stack_list_frames: Usage: [FRAME_LOW FRAME_HIGH]
mi_cmd_stack_info_depth: Usage: [MAX_DEPTH]


1. Line breakpoint with Resume action is set.
2. Application is debugged with DSF.
Problem: ClassCastException happens:
org.eclipse.dd.gdb.internal.provisional.service.command.GDBControlDMContext incompatible with org.eclipse.dd.dsf.debug.service.IRunControl$IExecutionDMContext

Changing GDBControlDMContext class to implement IExecutionDMContext  doesn't help much:
I see problems 1 and 2 as in scenario 1, and message 'mi_cmd_stack_info_depth: Usage: [MAX_DEPTH]' is displayed.

<--- PROBLEM1 --->
Update Policy selection not showing in the variables view menu.


Dmitri Pikus

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