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[dsdp-dd-dev] Committer status

Hi Veenu,
Parts of the Device Debugging project are being moved over to the CDT project. As part of this process, the relevant committers on the DD project will become committers in CDT. I know from Marc and Francois, that you have been re-assigned and are not currently working on DSF or GDB, and I also see from the CVS logs that you have not committed any changes in over a year. However, I want to check with you whether there are plans to have you come back to work on this project, so that we may consider whether you can become a CDT committer as part of the move. Of course, if in the future your situation changes and you would like to work on DSF and GDB again, then your expertise will still be very helpful and I believe you should not no trouble earning your commit rights on the CDT project.

Please let us know as soon as you can, but if we don't hear from you within a week, we'll assume you don't have immediate plans to work on DSF or GDB.

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