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[dsdp-dd-dev] DD 1.1 Release "New & Noteworthy"

Hi All,
I finally got around to what I should have done months ago: put together a New and Noteworthy page for DD ( This was an unusually big task since we haven't had a N&N before and I essentially had to do full overview of all the features in DD. I covered DSF and GDB in good detail. However, I don't really have enough knowledge of the Traditional Memory Rendering and IP-XACT editor, so I just l added a heading with one screen cap for them. Ted and Anthony, if you have the time and motivation, it would be very helpful if you could fill those sections in.

The main motivation is of course to give users a quick glance of all the cool features that we've been working. And the theory is that once we have this initial overview in place, it will be easy to add incremental updates in future releases. Please write back with feedback and feel free to edit this document directly (in CVS) with updates and fixes.


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