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[dsdp-dd-dev] Re: [cdt-dev] CDI-GDB features missing from the DSF-GDB implementation

Currently the CLI support in DSF-GDB is very close in features (and bugs) to CDI-GDB. We basically ported the CDI solution trying not to break anything. We also have discussed on several occasions improving this support in various ways. Unfortunately, the fundamental problem with supporting CLI debugging (concurrent with MI debugging) is that GDB does not emit events for all the different state changes that CLI commands can produce. This often leaves the IDE out of sync with target producing erratic behavior. That said, the suggestions you're making below are actually quite independent of the fundamental problem mentioned above. If you have the opportunity to dive into the DSF code, produce the patches, and update them based on feedback, we would be very glad to assist you in adding these features.


√ėyvind Harboe wrote:
Is the GDB console treated as a first class citizen?

The GDB console is an important part of an embedded developers
everyday life. It is not a dirty secret that it is the job of the GUI to hide.
Often it is supplemented by a telnet session into the
hardware debugger.

Some examples:

- make the console visible upon launching debug session
- add (gdb) prompt. This makes the developer feel more at home.
- tab-completion(I'm not sure this is available from the MI protocol).

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