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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] GDB ^error after ^ok

On Friday 12 September 2008 18:04:54 Marc Khouzam wrote:
> Hi,
> In our code, in, there is a comment saying:
>         // GDB can send an error result following sending an OK result. 
>         // In this case the error is routed as an event.  

I presume you mean "^error" after "^done", as there's no "^ok" response.
This cannot happen in current GDB, and even if it could possibly happen
is some version of GDB, it most probably some 10-years-old gdb.

> another comment from CDI's MIErrorEvent is:
> /**
>  * (gdb)
>  * &"warning: Cannot insert breakpoint 2:\n"
>  * &"Cannot access memory at address 0x8020a3\n"
>  * 30^error,msg=3D"Cannot access memory at address 0x8020a3"=20
>  */

This is valid output, but there's no "^done". 

> I'm trying to figure out exactly how this case can happen (^error after ^ok) so 
> that I can go on to ask how the new GDB (non-stop/multi-process) will be
> handling this case.

GDB, as result of any command, outputs either ^done, or ^error. In some cases,
it outputs ^running or ^connected instead of ^done, but it cannot ever print
"successful" response followed by "failed" response, for the same command.

- Volodya

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