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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Stepping fast question

The "synchronized stepping" feature slows down stepping to paint the IP _and_ to allow the views to paint as well. This feature is enabled with a setting in the preferences dialog. I actually also don't like linking these two together. I would prefer that the stepping should always be synchronized with painting of the IP, and the preference setting would only determine whether the stepping will be delayed for all the views to finish painting. I'll file a bug for this so we can continue the discussion there.


Marc Khouzam wrote:

I'm not fully knowledgeable about how GDB/DSF should behave with respect
to stepping fast.
What I have noticed is that the stepping speed is very much affected by
which views are
currently visible.  For example, stepping can become much slower if the
variables view
is visible, because it requires more updates as we step than say, the
breakpoints view.

Didn't we have a concept of a delayed/cancel refreshing of the views
when a step is

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