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[dsdp-dd-dev] DSF Query object

I am looking at the example code "SyncDataViewer" which is about DSF Query object from the "Introduction to Programming vith DSF" tutorial.

// Create the query object for reading data count. 
Query<Integer> countQuery = new Query<Integer>() {
    protected void execute(DataRequestMonitor<Integer> rm) {
// Submit the query to be executed.  A query implements a runnable
// interface and it has to be executed in order to do its work.
int count = 0;
// Block until the query completes, which will happen when the request
// monitor of the execute() method is marked done.
try {
    count = countQuery.get();
} catch (Exception e) { 
    // InterruptedException and ExecutionException can be thrown here.
    // ExecutionException containing a CoreException will be thrown 
    // if an error status is set to the Query's request monitor.
    return new Object[0]; 

I could not understand that how   countQuery.get();   method gets the count value. Because in IDataGeneration interface getCount method returns void such as:

// Data access methods.
void getCount(DataRequestMonitor<Integer> rm);

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