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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Invalid register names in Register View when triedto debug with a MIPS gdb and DSF

Hi Pawel,


I have created below bug and added the logs to it.


Sorry for the delay. I was on holidays.





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Hi Jiju,
My guess is that there is a bug in the register service, but we'll need a little more information.  Could you run the debugger with the tracing option turned on.  To do that add the following option to the eclipse command line: -debug /tmp/debug.options, where debug.options contains:


Then reproduce the problem and capture the console output.  Also for reference do the same with the CDI-GDB debugger.  It would be best if you could create a new bugzilla bug attach these logs there.


Jiju George T wrote:

Hi All,


 I am trying to use DSF C/C++ Remote Application debug launch to debug a MIPS target using a cross compiled MIPS gdb (based on gdb 6.8) and a MIPS GDB Server which can communicate with MIPS target using an EJTAG probe. I am able to connect to the target successfully. But I am bit confused on why the register view lists lot of “Unknown” registers with value as “Error: Failed to execute MI command: -data-list-register-values x 0 Error message from debugger back end: bad register number”  before and after the normal MIPS registers. (see attached screen shot)


 When I tried to debug MIPS target with CDT Hardware Debugger launch configuration (which uses the CDI MI implementation) using the same gdb and GDB Server this behaviour was not there. I checked the output of -data-list-register-names MI command and I can see lot of empty strings(“”) in the register name list before and after MISP register names.


Is it some difference in the way DSF MI and CDT MI implementation interprets the output of -data-list-register-names is causing the issue?



Jiju George




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