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[dsdp-dd-dev] Re: [platform-debug-dev] Debug Platform 3.5 and beyond

Ah, the best thing I like about shipping a release is getting serious about planning the next release :-) Thank you Darin for putting together the list, it has a lot of items I had in mind as well and lots of other neat ideas. I added a few items of my own to 3.5 though but I didn't have anything for e4 (yet). I hope that many folks from CDT and DD will able to join the call (the time and conference number is on the wiki page).

Darin Wright wrote:
In an effort to gather ideas from the debug community for 3.5 and e4 development, a WIKI page has been created:

We (at least Pawel and myself so far...) are planning to have a phone call next week to discuss and fill out the list. Please join in - in order for e4 to be a success we need continued community participation. I realize many may be on vacation, so feel free to add your ideas to the wiki page. This is just the first discussion - there will be more.


Darin Wright

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