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[dsdp-dd-dev] debug using DSF Services.



Hi All,


I am trying to debug a remote target.


Using CDI I could connect to target by posting the commands in MITargetSelect.


org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core.command. MITargetSelect targetSelect =

factory.createMITargetSelect(new String[] { "remote", address });               miSession.postCommand(targetSelect);


Also I could download the code as


download = miSession.getCommandFactory().createMITargetDownload(file.getPath());




I want to do the samething  using eclipse dsf services.  When I tried I could find that there was command MITargetSelect in dsf also…




     new org.eclipse.dd.mi.service.command.commands.MITargetSelect(fCommandControl.getControlDMContext , fSerialDevice),

new DataRequestMonitor<MIInfo>(getExecutor(), requestMonitor));



But I couldn’t find any command in DSF for downloading code to target like MITargetDownload(in CDI)….and command to return the current time out used for gdb/gdbserver communication like MIGDBShow(in CDI).


Please help ….







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