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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] New type of launch discussion

> Originally we had two only launch configurations "Local" and "Core". "Attach" was an 
> option of the "Local" launch configuration, as you are suggesting. That wasn't very 
> intuitive and we had had many complains. There were also some technical problems, 
> so we decided to add a special launcher.

Thanks, that is important to know.  So maybe keeping "local" and "attach to local" 
separate is important.  DSF-GDB also has a separate "remote" launch.  And eventually, 
there will be "core".

In our meetings, with toyed with the following options:

1- Changing "attach to local" to simply "attach" and to let the user specify the target, 
	which could be localhost.
2- Add an attach option to the "remote" launch (which seems to have been your approach 
	as well for "local")
3- Add a 5th configuration type "attach to remote running application". 

Since your experience has proved that adding an attach option to a launch didn't seem to please users, 
I guess it is better to keep the concept of attaching separate, so we can ignore option 2/

My guess is that the "attach" launch is not the most commonly used anyway, so maybe making it slightly more
complex is ok.  So I vote for option 1 (at least for now.)

How does that sound?


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