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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Device Debug 1.0.0 M7 candidate ready for testing

Anthony Berent wrote:
Ted and others,

Now tested, no integration problems found, and it now installs correctly
from the update site. I however found one bug that I had not previously
spotted. See

I should be able to fix this in the next couple of days; would anybody
like to review the fix when I have done so?

- Anthony

P.S. I am assuming the principles of the ramp down policy apply to
IP-XACT, although it is not going to full release in Ganymede.

- Anthony

Thanks Anthony,
Yes I intended for the ramp down to apply to all the DD components.  However, for both IP-XACT and memory rendering there is really only one committer (each) that has enough expertise to make judgments about them, so I think it's fair to exempt them from the review requirements.


Unfortunately I have only just received this email. Monday was a public
holiday here, and I took a day's vacation yesterday, so I have had not
yet had a chance to test the IP-XACT components.

I will do so today, but I see that you have already marked M7 as

- Anthony

dsdp-dd-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
The DSDP - Device Debug 1.0.0 M7 candidate is ready for testing.

CVS label v1_0_0-M7 has been applied to all DD files.

Anthony, please report on the IP-XACT components.

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