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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] GDB-DSF disassembly

Hi Mikhail,

We definitely do not want to duplicate any of the work you're doing and a part of what you're doing is enabling disassembly to be shown in the editor, which in itself is a complicated workflow problem. In bug 227743 Toni contributed the DSF disassembly support as a view, which I think should allow us to avoid any conflicts with what you're implementing, and should be enough for DSF 1.0. If enough of your framework is implemented in CDT 5.0 as to allow us to present the disassembly in an editor, we'll try to use that as well, i.e. we'll try to use your framework as much as it it ready. For bug 228063, I don't believe there should be any conflict. CDT already has sufficient interfaces to allow it to change the run control mode for a DSF target, it's just not using it for this action. I assume that whatever changes you make to this action should work with CDT interfaces and with DSF's implementation of them, and if they don't I assume that there should be replacement interfaces which DSF could implement instead.


Mikhail Khodjaiants wrote:
Hi Pawel,

The new disassembly view requires new UI components which may conflict
with your disassembly. For example, preference pages, actions, etc.
Currently these components are visible - we discussed it on the
conference call. The main reason for it was to share the source code
with Toni.
Most of the new actions are and will be implemented using the new
command framework and will be visible only for the models that provide
"disassembly context".
If the disassembly view is not ready I'll make it invisible. But what if
it is ready but you decide to use your disassembly? is a good example,
there have been requests for it for a long time and its' a good time to
add it because the source display has to be changed anyway. And of
course I will discuss it publicly.


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Hi All,
In the interest of full disclosure I should inform everyone that in the
last GDB-DSF meeting we decided to adapt the Wind River disassembly
editor that Toni contributed to bug 196064 to use with GDB-DSF.  As M7
(feature freeze) is approaching rather fast we thought it would be wise
to hedge our bets to make sure we have a working disassembly editor in
the 1.0 release.  This solution is meant to be only temporary as it has
a lot of shortcomings, which Mikhail's disassembly view has addressed
(at least in design).  If Mikhail's disassembly view gets completed in
time for 1.0 we will still evaluate it, if it does not we can switch
over to it in the coming DD releases.

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