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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Problem with install of IP-XACT editor

That's too bad, but I think it would be safer to wait till M7.  We could respin the DD M6 build, but since the problem is with ganymede update site I don't think just a DD M6 respin would solve it.

Anthony Berent wrote:
I have just discovered that I did not fully solve the problem of the IP-XACT editor depending on I had removed the dependency from the plugins, so if the editor is installed through a download it works (hence my M6 tests worked), but I had missed the corresponding feature dependency, so it won't install from the staging update site. See bug I have now fixed this, and checked that I can install from a local update site.
Is there any way of rebuilding, and putting the new build on the staging update site, or do we now have to wait until M7?
- Anthony


Anthony Berent


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