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[dsdp-dd-dev] FW: 2 "extraordinary" meetings on Eclipse

Hi CDT and DD developers,

There is a (somewhat) new project proposal in DSDP called Virtual
Prototyping Platform (VPP). Put simply, it's SystemC tooling built in
Eclipse. At least this is the proposed starting point. Mark Burton, the
proposed project lead is organizing a couple of calls to cover (1) CDT
support for SystemC and (2) IP-XACT.

I'm forwarding in case there is interest. Please contact Mark directly
for call-in information.

Doug Gaff

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Subject: Re: 2 "extraordinary" meetings on Eclipse

Sorry for the confusion, the second meeting should be on the 19th May 
(the 26th is a holiday in the US).

All, the two meetings will move to the following times and dates:
	April 28th  5pm (2hr) CEST : Discussion on CDT
	May 19rd 5pm (2hr) CEST: Discussion on IPXACT

I have confirmation of interest from Infineon, Virtutech, CoWare, 
Mentor and Windriver. Of course this meeting is open to all. Can you 
all please forward this message to whoever you think should be involved 
(and let me know).

There is a news group at
(You will need to register to get access to this)
Please use this news group to discuss the issues for these two calls.

The discussion on CDT will focus around these issues:
- Windows Visual Studio tool-chain support for the CDT
- Improved pre-indexing support for the CDT
- Improved C++ template support for the CDT indexer
- CDT support for vendor library "toolkits"
- Improved facilities for Eclipse GUI testing

For IPXACT the agenda is still open ended. Please discuss this issue on 
the VPP email list.



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