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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Device Debug 1.0.0 M6 candidate #4 ready for testing

Thank You Ted and Marc!
This is the surest sign that I need to get up to speed with the DD build process. I'm installing the bits now though I won't finish my manual tests till Monday.

Marc Khouzam wrote:
Thanks Ted.
Thinks look good now.  I will proceed to my part of the manual testing.
You'll have to explain to me (someday :-)) why the cast to Object[] caused a problem.
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Sent: April 5, 2008 3:46 PM
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Subject: [dsdp-dd-dev] Device Debug 1.0.0 M6 candidate #4 ready for testing

The DSDP - Device Debug 1.0.0 M6 candidate #4 is ready for testing.

- removed org.eclipse.dd.gdb.launch.ui plugin from org.eclipse.dd.gdb-launch feature

- added "requires" text to download page

- fixed org.eclipse.dd.gdb.ui.jar missing classes
        (CDebuggerTab:339 added cast to (Object[]) )

- fixed org.eclipse.dd.gdb.launch missing icons (

CVS label v1_0_0-M6 has been applied (moved) to all DD files.

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