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[dsdp-dd-dev] Disassembly related DSF questions

To communicate with the new disassembly framework a debug model must implement "IDisassemblyContextProvider" interface and register an adapter factory for the model elements that provide access to the disassembly service.
The object provided by IDisassemblyContextProvider is passed to the model via other adapters as a disassembly context.
For CDI based debuggers, the disassembly context provider for "ICDebugElement" retrieves "IDisassembly" from the corresponding "ICDebugTarget".
DSF has an interface - "IDisassemblyDMContext" which seems to be the right candidate for the disassembly context (at least by name :) ). If so, how can I register an "IDisassemblyContextProvider" adapter for it?
Another question is how to contribute an action (or a command) to a DSF view model element that adapts to IDisassemblyContextProvider.


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