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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] Device Debug 1.0.0 M6 candidate ready for testing

This totally escaped my attention.

The reason we separated the launch functionality was so that we could include it as a separate feature and allow integrators that extend DSF-GDB to exclude the standard launch from their product. I can add the new feature. Ted is there a lot to do to add the new feature to the build?

Marc Khouzam wrote:

I think the org.eclipse.dd.gdb.launch plugin is missing from the GDB package.
So, we can't launch DSF.


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The DSDP - Device Debug 1.0.0 M6 candidate is ready for testing.

CVS label v1_0_0-M6 has been applied to all DD files.

Anthony, please report on the IP-XACT components.

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