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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Device Debug 1.0.0 M6 candidate ready for testing


This puzzles me slightly, some of these (not just WST) look like M5 or
earlier builds, so are we really testing integration with the rest of
M6? For example the M6 version of org.eclipse.emf.edit.ui on the web
site is 2.4.0.v200804012208 whereas you are using 2.4.0.v200802090050.

I was, however, more concerned about the run-time environment, rather
than the build environment. In a sense, if we have to build with an
earlier version then, while that is a serious problem, it is one we can,
in theory, work around. If, however, what we have built can't run with
M6 then that is a show stopper. My worry was that I cannot test that the
editor runs correctly with M6 until WST M6 is available.

- Anthony

dsdp-dd-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Anthony,,
> We built the M6 candidate against dependencies available from
> the update site.
> org.eclipse.cdt
> org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.feature 1.0.0.v200712072133-6--BcMAAvBMCfMOPw
> org.eclipse.wst.common_core.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-7C78ENQE_EkMNlSdX6U-yd
> org.eclipse.wst.server_userdoc.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-10-7w311913172_48
> org.eclipse.jdt.source 3.4.0.v20080204-1800-7o7qEFDEFpPqiqYydmCVKgP
> org.eclipse.emf.edit.ui 2.4.0.v200802090050
> org.eclipse.wst.xml_userdoc.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-40EC3_kE77Y8MG_DJEO
> org.eclipse.wst.ws_wsdl15.feature
> 1.5.1.v200712121931-1407w31181_161226
> org.eclipse.emf.common 2.4.0.v200802090050
> org.eclipse.wst.server_ui.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-790E8V9vDMOuK5HanZ_O9R59
> org.eclipse.wst.web_userdoc.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-20Ag8s733G486B6D7_
> org.eclipse.wst.ws_ui.feature
> 2.0.1.v200712031330-7A2ECBBqiaHJGqcoqYC19_mKz0xg
> org.eclipse.gef 3.4.0.v20080115-677-8082A5655G2337
> org.eclipse.wst.ws_wsdl14.feature
> 1.4.0.v200712121931-13-7w31181722243_
> org.eclipse.wst 3.0.0.v200712121937-7J788a8qMcwTMiBV2Q2Qxk89B8gj
> org.eclipse.wst.xml_ui.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-7C2EC_CnfcsMheslqXqNgUjsNubT
> org.eclipse.wst.web_core.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-42EAW_kE77b8C9Q8MGT
> org.eclipse.wst.server_adapters.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-4-CE_kE77c7B7ad
> org.eclipse.xsd.edit 2.3.0.v200802090050
> org.eclipse.wst.web_ui.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-7F0EFHE7ifmPflnz-o-p8Bmz0rST
> org.eclipse.emf.edit 2.4.0.v200802090050
> org.eclipse.wst.xml_core.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-7A7NEFGE7QYGHMHSV6SaSc
> org.eclipse.wst.common_ui.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-7D5EK_E9RvTVtnEmGdpyUmTeY7V0
> org.eclipse.wst.ws_core.feature
> 2.0.1.v200712121934-7D7BEE7EB7sQRz0W9dwfE2
> org.eclipse.wst.ws_userdoc.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-34Ds9oA55P5L_97C9J
> org.eclipse.xsd 2.4.0.v200802090050
> org.eclipse.emf.ecore.edit 2.4.0.v200802090050
> org.eclipse.emf.common.ui 2.4.0.v200802090050
> org.eclipse.emf.ecore 2.4.0.v200802090050
> org.eclipse.wst.server_core.feature
> 3.0.0.v200712031330-2-E8T8s733I364E
> ted
> Anthony Berent wrote:
>> Ted,
>> I will test it as far as I can, but it turns out that Web Tools
>> Platform (WTP), on which the IP-XACT editor is dependent, have not
>> yet released their M6, and are on the same Ganymede schedule as us
>> (offset of +2). Unless we get the staging changed for future
>> milestones I will never be able to fully test against the correct
>> version before the milestone. 
>> I will try using their latest integration build, but I don't know
>> what the quality of this is, or how similar it is to their real M6.
>> - Anthony
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>> Anthony Berent
>> ARM Ltd
>> +44 1223 400763
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