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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Remote Debugging commit

Le jeudi 13 mars 2008 à 11:25 -0400, Marc Khouzam a écrit :
> > CDT sets solib-search-path for gdb and it is enough to find shared libraries
> I had tried this also (with our own target os) and I also found that solib-search-path
> seemed more reliable than sysroot.  I didn't think of checking that in the CDT.

These two commands are different, but they both have their utility. It
really depends on your usage. If GDB is looking for the target library
"/usr/lib/", it will look at (in that order):

1/ $sysroot/usr/lib/
2/ foreach dir in $solib-search-path
3/ foreach dir in $solib-search-path
4/ some other places not related to the variables of interest here

I my experience $sysroot is simpler to use. You just have to have a copy
of your target filesystem on your development machine and point sysroot
at it. It's also more deterministic, as there's no possible mismatch
between identically named libraries.

I don't really understand how it could be less 'reliable' for you, do
you have a specific example in mind? Something that maybe should be
fixed in GDB?


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