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[dsdp-dd-dev] DSF plugin names

Hi All,
A question came up at today's DSF-GDB meeting, about the reasoning behind the DSF plugin names, which were last modified with bug 213657.  Following the naming convention of:
org.eclipse.<project>.<component> the plugin names are, by component:
  • DSF - Component for pure framework code, without dependencies on any particular debugger back end.
    • org.eclipse.dd.dsf
    • org.eclipse.dd.dsf.ui
    • org.eclipse.dd.dsf.debug
    • org.eclipse.dd.dsf.debug.ui
  • MI - Common component for GDB/MI-protocol based debuggers.  This is debuggers using the GDB/MI protocol but not necessarily extending GDB.
    • org.eclipse.dd.mi
    • org.eclipse.dd.mi.ui
  • GDB - GDB debugger integration plugins.  Ideally, these plugins should only be extended by integrations with various GDB variants.
    • org.eclipse.dd.gdb
    • org.eclipse.dd.gdb.ui
    • org.eclipse.dd.gdb.launch
    • org.eclipse.dd.gdb.launch.ui

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