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[dsdp-dd-dev] New implementation of MIBreakInsert without factories

Hi there,

Here's a new attempt to fix the path problem in the MIBreakInsert command.

Added interfaces: Adjustable 
Added classes: TestMIBreakInsertCommand, TestMICommandConstructCommand
Changed classes: MICommand and MIBreakInsert.

The patches can be found in the issue: 219920

Instead of adding command factories, the commands are responsible for adding an Adjustable implementation for each option and parameter.
There are two "standard" implementations of Adjustable, which are: MICommand.MIStandardOptionAdjustable and MICommand.MIStandardParameterAdjustable. 
These contains the code previously found in MICommand.optionsToString() and MICommand.parametersToString().

The MIBreakInsert provides a PathAdjustable which is responsible for having a correct path parameter.

The test cases (should) ensure that MICommands works like before and that MIBreakInsert works in both Windows and Linux.


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