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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] M5 testing

On the Ganymede calendar we need to produce a build by February 18th, which is Monday. I see the goal of the testing to be two things: 1) See if the build is good enough to push out, i.e.: no critical issues found. 2) Build up database of known user-facing bugs through an organized testing effort.

For goal 1, in my judgment we're OK. Bug 219107 ([variables] Variables view no longer updates properly)variables view update) is certainly annoying, but not catastrophic. I would be tempted to push a fix into M5, but my fix attempts so far seem to be creating more problems than they solve :-)

For goal 2, the more testing the better. I will spend the rest of the day testing (and leave fixing 219107) till later, though I don't think I'll have time to test over the weekend. and BTW, Monday is a holiday in U.S.


Marc Khouzam wrote:

What should we do about the M5 testing?
How much time do we have to continue?  Is tonight a hard deadline
or can we continue over the weekend?

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