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Re: [dsdp-dd-dev] DSF/GDB Meeting on October 16th

Title: DSF/GDB Meeting on October 16th
My apologies about the meeting this morning (or lack there of).  I didn't check my email over the weekend and I completely forgot about the meeting... also I picked up a nasty cold at ESE and I didn't make it out of bed at my usual time.  Could we have the meeting on Friday instead?  I will try to answer the outstanding emails today if I feel OK.

Pawel Piech wrote:
Monday the 15th will work for me as well.

Veenu Verma wrote:

Is it possible to move this meeting to October 15th(Monday) or October 19th(friday) instead ?
I have to attend a training from 16th till 18th October.

/ Veenu

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