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[dsdp-dd-dev] RE: register event generation

Title: Hello
   This would be incorrect. I assume you are adding the groupDmc so as to be able to find the
   group the register is in.
   The regDmc should have as its parent a dmc which is of type IRegisterGroupDMContext.
   This is done when you construct the register DMC.
   If you follow your flow then you would have to add a group context and a register context to
   the function.
   So here are the relationships as I create them in my commercial
   For Group DMC
         GroupDMC <-- ExecutionDMC <-- SymbolDmc
   For Register DMC
         RegDMC <-- GroupDMC <-- ExecutionDMC <-- SymbolDmc
   For BitFieldDMC
         BitFieldDMC <-- RegDMC <-- GroupDMC <-- ExecutionDMC <-- SymbolDmc
   So in the case you mentioned in that routine I get the Group DMC from the Register DMC by doing
   the following
             MIRegisterGroupDMC groupDmc = DMContexts.getAncestorOfType(registerDmc, MIRegisterGroupDMC.class);
    where MIRegisterGroupDMC is a class which implements IRegisterGroupDMContext :
            public static class MIRegisterGroupDMC extends AbstractDMContext<IRegisterGroupDMData> implements IRegisterGroupDMContext {
    If you want please call me and I will be glad to go over this with you 781-364-2226.

From: Veenu Verma [mailto:veenu.verma@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2007 10:50 AM
To: Rohrbach, Randy
Subject: RE: register event generation

Hi Randy
Thanx for the code. It's working with the event.
For writing register I had to make a small change in IRegisters interface for writeRegister method.
void writeRegister(IRegisterGroupDMContext groupDmc, IDMContext<?> regCtx, String regValue, String formatId, RequestMonitor rm);
Do you have any comments on this ? I plan to check in the changes
/ Veenu

From: Rohrbach, Randy [mailto:randy.rohrbach@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 5:50 PM
To: Veenu Verma
Subject: register event generation

   Attached is the code in out commercial register service for generating events.

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