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[dsdp-dd-dev] RE: CDT Summit?

Title: CDT Summit?

These emails need to be sent to the dd-dev list so that others who want to attend can comment.


I agree with Pawel that we use try to do this in conjunction with the CDT summit.  Whether it’s a parallel session or part of the CDT meeting depends on the topics to be covered, IMO.


Dominique – can you propose a list of items that you’d like to see covered?



From: Piech, Pawel
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 5:49 PM
To: Dominique Toupin (QA/EMC)
Cc: Gaff, Doug; Veenu Verma (AS/EAB); Francois Chouinard (QA/EMC); Marc Khouzam (QA/EMC)
Subject: Re: CDT Summit?


Hi Dominique,
Since Francois and Mark are already at location I think it definitely makes sense for us to have a workshop on DSF/GDB specifially.  But do you think we need an extra day, or would it be enough to set up a parallel session during the CDT summit.  Last year about 3/4 of the summit was on non debugger issues, so I could easily see us having a parallel session.  I'm only worried that some people (especially Doug S.) will say that they want to be included in any and all debugger discussions, so they may take exception to being left out.  Still, if you think a parallel session would be OK, we could propose to Doug S. and see what he thinks.


Dominique Toupin (QA/EMC) wrote:

Hi Pawel,

At the CDT Summit Sept 25-27 the second bullet on the agenda is the incorporation of DSF in CDT:

I guess you will be attending?
Could we have a small face to face workshop for DSF/GDB implementation?


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