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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] multi-core or multi-process debugging

Hi Shoji,

The DD project is working on the following items for multi-core:

1.  A model-customizable debug view that can display debugging
hierarchies that vary from currently imposed process-thread-stackframe
hierarchy, e.g. target-core-process-thread-stack.

2.  Changes to the Eclipse platform debug interface to better associate
scope (core, process, thread, or whatever your minimum debugable context
is) with debugger views.

3.  The ability to clone debugger views and pin views to a specific

Our goal in DD is mostly to create a framework in which multiple
debugger implementations can live side by side and can reuse as much of
the Eclipse Debug Platform and CDT as desired.  Participants in this
project have a variety of debugger implementations, some of which use
the Eclipse Platform interfaces directly, and some of which use the CDI
in CDT.

Some of the key technical ideas and plans are here:

You can also check out the Wiki for the Toronto meeting notes:

If you're going to EclipseCon, try to catch Darin Wright's presentation
about the Eclipse 3.2 EDMI changes:

Long Talk:

You should email the cdt-dev mailing list for additional information on
their technical roadmap around multi-core.  I can tell you that Mikhail,
the debugger lead from the CDT team, is participating in the DD projects
and is involved in the technical direction the eclipse debug platform is
headed.  He presented some initial thoughts on adopting the new Eclipse
3.2 Debug Model Interfaces at the Toronto meeting (see notes on Wiki).

Finally, there is a parallel processor debugging project called PTP that
uses an extended CDT to debug massively parallel systems.  You can check
them out here:


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I have just join dsdp.dd. As you know, Multi-core is booming in embedded
area recently.
What I want to know is is anyone already prepare to support such kind of
multi-core or multi-process debugging in Eclipse with CDT? We are
developing such technologies but if someone already support such kind of
model, I'd like to talk to them. I have heard that dsdp had a face to
face meeting in Toronto, was there any discussion around it?

Best regards,
Shoji Ueda

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