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[dsdp-dd-dev] FW: WR Boardfile Descriptions

Hi Aaron,

Here is the email that went to the TM list about WR's file formats.
I've also attached a sample board file, which is used for JTAG scan
chain setup.


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In the TM session of the DSDP meeting in Chicago, we came to a point
where we noticed that TM wants to provide a common platform for 
describing the targets (hardware) we are working on.

Currently, every vendor is doing their own hardware descriptions,
typically by XML or some other files... they all have to read the
specs from silicon vendors, and create their own file formats.
That's a lot of wasted work.

We are hoping that at some point it might be possible to create a
uniform "standard" file format, or at least provide some converters
between various file formats. Ideally, then silicon vendors could
provide their specifications in the uniform format (or something
convertible). Silicon vendors could become the "experts" for hardware
descriptions, users could get patches/updates directly from them...
lifting off a lot of work from tool vendors like us.

As a first step, I'm attching a sample and description of the board
file specification that Wind River is currently using.

I'd hope that other companies could follow and put their samples
or descriptions to the table, such that we can get a feeling of
what features are required from a "unified" format, and find out
future steps to take.

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