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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Announcement: DD/TM Meeting in Toronto

Hi folks,


Here is the list of attendees I have so far for next week’s DD and TM meetings.  Please RSVP soon if you plan to be there.  Pete needs to get the list to security this week.  I don’t think I’ve hear from TI, MontaVista, Nokia, or ATI/Mentor yet, but my apologies if I missed your email.





AMI Semiconductor

Mark Melvin

Ken Dyck



John Cortell

Tom Hochstein (especially TM)



Darin Wright

Pete Nichols

Samantha Chan

Dave McKnight (TM)

Dave Dykstal (TM)




Mikhail Khodjaiants


Symbian (TM only)

Neil Taylor

Javier Montalvoorus


Wind River

Ted Williams

Doug Gaff

Martin Oberhuber

Pawel Piech

Felix Burton


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Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 4:53 PM
To: dsdp-dd-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx; dsdp-tm-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [dsdp-dd-dev] Announcement: DD/TM Meeting in Toronto


This is the official announcement for the upcoming Device Debugging and Target Management project meetings.  As with the last meeting in Chicago, we are putting these two projects back-to-back given the overlap in attendees.


Location:  IBM Development Labs – Toronto (see logistics below)


Time:  9:00 am Wed 2/22 – 3:00 pm Friday 2/24


Wed: 0900 – 1700, DD

Thurs: 0900 – 1200, DD/TM joint session

Thurs: 1300 – 1700, TM

Friday: 0900 – 1500, TM

Conference Number:  To be announced


Please RSVP so we can get an accurate list for security, food, etc.



Working Agenda

Pete N and Doug G put this initial agenda together for the DD portions of the meeting.  Martin Oberhuber will follow up with the TM agenda.  Please respond with additional topics you would like to cover.


Wed – DD meeting

Eclipse 3.2 Debug Platform

- Progress Update – Darin W (IBM)

- Demos / feedback session on prototyping – IBM, Wind River, QNX/CDT, others?


Update Policy

- Progress Update – Samantha (IBM)

- Discussion on how UI should expose the policies


Contributions and Participation Discussion

- Update/Demo on Memory Rendering – Ted W (Wind River)

- How can we get better participation to help Darin out on the debugger interfaces and views?

- Where do we want to go next?  Volunteers for implementation?

  - New breakpoint features?

  - More memory rendering?

  - Multi-core

  - Sample debugger implementation from Wind River?

  - Debug console



- Eclipse 3.2 launching framework feedback


Thurs – DD/TM joint session

General DSDP project update – Doug G

Plans for EclipseCon – who’s attending, Tutorials/Talks, BOF’s


Thurs / Friday – TM meeting

Hands-on RSE – understand architecture, structure and extension possibilities – Dave M and/or Dave D

Discuss and Review the TM Project Plan – Martin O


More agenda items depend on attendance

- Follow-up on Connectors – Peter L

- Online demo of their system – Symbian

- Online demo of their system – Curtiss-Wright


Area hotels: (the Hilton is about a 2 minute walk)

Hilton Suites Hotel & Conference Centre Toronto/Markham*
8500 Warden Avenue
Markham, Ontario
Phone: 905 470-8500;jsessionid=4KXATC2AU1HHJJ31AOQMISQ?ctyhocn=YYZAPHF

Distance to 8200 Warden: 0.5 km
*Formerly known as Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Centre

Radisson Hotel Toronto-Markham
50 East Valhalla Drive
Markham, Ontario
Phone: 905 477-2010
Distance to 8200 Warden: 3 km

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Markham
7095 Woodbine Ave.
Markham, Ontario
Phone: 905 474-0444
Distance to 8200 Warden: 5 km

Driving Directions:

The lab is just off Warden Ave between Highway 407 and Highway 7 in

>From Airport:
To 8200 using the 407 Express Toll Route*:
When exiting the airport follow the signs for Highway 427 North. Drive
north on Highway 427 and exit on to Highway 407 ETR East. Follow Highway
407 ETR east for 28 km to the Warden Ave exit. Turn left (north) at the
Warden Ave exit stop light. Go north on Warden Ave and prepare to exit
right on to the IBM overpass which will take you into the Lab.
*Please advise the auto rental agency before taking the 407 ETR . The
toll (approx. $6.00 CDN one way + possible auto rental agency
administration fees) will be billed to your credit card.

To 8200 using Highway 401:
When exiting the airport follow the signs for Highway 401 East. Drive
east on Highway 401 for 27 Kilometres to the Don Valley Parkway/404
exit. Go north (towards Newmarket) on the 404 and exit at Hwy 7. Proceed
east on Hwy 7 to South Town Centre Blvd (South Town Centre Blvd is east
of Rodick Rd and west of Warden Ave). Turn right (south) on South Town
Centre Blvd
Follow this road straight into the Lab.
GTA map with location of 8200 Warden Ave. (.pdf)
Area map of 8200 Warden Ave. (.pdf)

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