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RE: [dsdp-dd-dev] Re: [platform-debug-dev] proposal for memory viewaddress bar


"Regarding the user/plugin.xml configurable default rendering
preference, clients can already configure a set of default renderings
via plugin.xml."

Ooops, good point. The address bar could reposition the existing
renderings and when none exist, open the defaultIds set.

"I have heard complains that the Memory View requires too much
real-estate to run.  The address bar will only make the problem worse."

I think this is a valid concern and I've expressed the complaint myself.
However, I would find an address bar to be more valuable than the
existing table header, which probably occupies an equal amount of real
estate. Recognizing the address column is obvious and tooltips would
provide better annotation of cell addresses than operator use of the
header offsets. By providing a visible/hidden toggle for the address
bar, users would have the option to reclaim the space when desired.

Additionally, the request for better use of real estate can at least
partially be solved by implementing a mode for automatic adjustment of
the column count to fit the viewport. This way, only a vertical scroll
bar is ever presented.

"I do not think you would want an address bar per rendering.  You are
looking at having a global address bar for all renderings?"

That's correct. At the moment, I have an address bar in our rendering
prototype. This approach suffers the disadvantage of creating
inconsistency between renderings.

"#goToAddress method is not part of IMemoryRendering.  This means that
not all renderings are capable of doing the #goToAddress action.  To
implement the a global address bar, we will need new APIs.  (Similar to

Assuming we can agree on the concept, will the need for additional APIs
be a complete block?

Might there be alternative implementations not requiring API changes? In
place of issuing a goToAddress, could we replace the existing renderings
with new instances?


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