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[dsdp-dd-dev] Raw notes from today's meeting

Hi folks,


Here are my notes from today.  Pete and I will follow up on logistics and agenda for the Toronto meeting.  Please send agenda ideas to this mailing list.





1/13/2006, 2:57 PM  DD Meeting




Darin Wright, Pete Nichols, Alan Boxall, Jeff Turnham, Samantha Chan - IBM

Chris Recoskie, Martin Imrisek, Dobrin Alexiev - TI

Doug Schaefer, Mikhail Khodjaiants - QNX

Doug Gaff, Pawel Piech, Randy Rohrbach, Ted Williams, Felix Burton - WR

Joanne Woo - MV

Ken Ryall - Nokia

Kirk Beitz - Freescale

Mark Bozeman - ATI/Mentor


Pawel presentation and discussion



Darin thinks this should live in the platform.

The platform design is already close to what we want.

They are in feature freeze crunch time, though, so timing is a problem.


Which companies need this?

  • IBM - generic concept makes sense, but worried about scaling (like in the parallel world)
  • IBM Darin - from a Java point of view, it's a nice to have, but not a strong requirement.
  • TI - would like to see this by summertime (in CDT).  Interested in lending a hand on the platform debug views, too.  Would be helpful if we all contributed one resource to this - divide and conquer.
  • QNX - not a strong customer demand for commercial product, but from CDT perspective, would need to provide.
  • MV - not a top priority for them, but it's in the wish list.  But would use if implemented through CDT.
  • Nokia - really important for them.  Legacy product does this, and they will need it.  Willing to work on this with CDT.
  • Freescale - definitely interested, but timeframe is farther out.  For some products, this is a hard requirement.  Will work on additional use cases.
  • ATI/Mentor - definitely interested, especially from the view standpoint.
  • WR - important for our commercial product.


Darin's thoughts on adding contributors:  Getting help on this is good, but Darin and team still need to review contributions to commit.  Also they are probably more experienced in other use cases besides ours.  Darin would like a more technical on-site discussion, though.


Next steps: 

  • Come up with some design ideas for the Toronto meeting:  WR, Darin, TI.
  • CodeSprint at EclipseCon


Since a full solution is too much to get in for 3.2, the idea is to have basic extensibility in Platform, and then do a DD supplied plug-in.


Terminology:  let's use "scopes" instead of "contexts" to describe what views are pinned to.


Darin Update on Flexible Hierarchy


Since M4 - continuing to evolve the flexible hierarchy support.  Package / method name changes.


Tree viewer - working on support for virtual tree support in tree view.  Labels are lazy-loaded, but expansion is not.


Some changes to debug manager and launch dialog.


Next Meeting - face-to-face


Toronto - IBM labs

Wed, Thurs 2/22 - 2/23 - all day

Fri 2/24 - half day



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