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[dsdp-dd-dev] Next DD meeting

Hi folks,


As we discussed in Chicago, I would like to have our next DD meeting on the phone next week.  In our last meeting, we picked Tues, Dec 20.  If it’s ok with everyone, I’d prefer Wed, Dec 21 instead.  Here is the proposed meeting:



Wed, Dec 21, 9 am PT / 12 pm ET

2 hours



- Darin:  Progress report on the Platform Debug API changes

- Discussion of additional view needs

  - SWT Virtual tree support

  - Beter understanding of Darin’s planned view changes, feedback cycle, and release plans

  - Possible follow on release schedule beyond 3.2.

- Everyone:  prototyping plans and/or progress

- Samantha:  memory view proposed enhancements

  - Additional memory view requirements

- Next steps:  face to face meeting in Toronto, other device debugging views to consider



Feel free to add content.





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