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[dsdp-dd-dev] DD/TM: Next face-to-face meeting

Hi folks,


I wanted to confirm the dates for our next meeting.  I know it’s a long way away, but we want to reserve the space at IBM Toronto.  For most American companies, Monday 2/20 is a holiday.  So I’d like to recommend the following:


Wed – Fri (2/22 – 2/24)


Pete also requested that we spend at least the first half day as a “catch up” on what Device Debugging has been doing for anyone building debuggers, including CDT folks.  So we would have a schedule something like this:



9 am – 12 pm :  Review of the platform changes / General Debug Community session

12 pm – 5 pm:  New DD topics



9 am – 12 pm:  Continued DD

12 pm – 5 pm:  TM topics



9 am – 3 pm:  TM topics


The major topics for the DD portion of the meeting are:

1.  Feedback to Darin on the Platform Debug API changes and discussions for improvements

2.  Building device-centric versions of the platform debug views

3.  EclipseCon preparation


Is this schedule OK with folks?  I will talk to Doug S about the CDT community and whether they would benefit from the technical session on Wednesday morning.



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