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[dsdp-dd-dev] Meeting Notes - Chicago

Hello everyone,

Thanks for a good meeting in Chicago.  I have posted the meeting notes
and presentations on the website:   

Please take a look at the meeting notes and send corrections or

I have posted a copy of Darin's presentation in the downloads section
for convenience.


Action Items

- Darin:  Follow up with the Platform PMC on either making his proposed
Debug API changes an "experimental API" or keeping them internal for the
Eclipse 2006 Release Train.

- Darin and Samantha:  Work on combining features of their two
proposals, especially in the user settings area.

- FreeScale and PalmSource:  Provide some use cases for CDT to adapt to
Darin's proposed changes.  How much needs to be adaptable beyond the
current CDT debug model?

- ATI and Wind River:  Come up with use cases for multiple contexts and
a proposal for user experience.

- Doug G:  Forward embedded marketing workgroup email to this group.

- CDT team:  Respond to Darin's proposal and provide a roadmap for when
CDT will move to this.

- Everyone:  Use M3 and make sure the backward compatibility works with
Darin's changes.  Then think about when you can try the new interfaces
in order to provide feedback at our next face to face meeting.

- Everyone:  Subscribe to dsdp-dd-dev mailing list.

Next Meetings

- Dec 20 - phone meeting - The purpose of this meeting will be to review
Darin's API changes and to get some education on their use.

- Feb 21-23 - Face-to-face in Toronto
  - This meeting will again be a combination of DD and TM projects.
  - DD goals
    - Provide detailed feedback to Darin on porting efforts to new API.
    - Discuss EclipseCon tutorials in this area.
    - Discuss other collaboration areas - perhaps in some
embedded-specific debug / utility views.
    - Review CDT plans for new interfaces.
    - Action Item follow up and new topics.

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